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The Script
July 2011 | Special Issue
Service Spotlight

Content Creation Services

Digital Media Solutions are only as good as the content that runs on them. That is why we offer turnkey content creation services from the ground up to fit your particular needs. We can take graphics, video, stills and various web components and weave them together into content that is not only current but also tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us today to find out more information about our content creation services.

Non-Profit Organizations

If you are affiliated with a hospital, church or any other non-profit organization that could benefit from our expertise please contact us today. Click the link below and let us know a little about your organization. We will certainly do our best to help out. Click here to contact us

Services We Offer

Develop Concepts, Treatments, Scripting, Story Boards

Video Production
Corporate Videos, Commercials, Trade Show Videos, Training Videos, Instructional Videos, Music Videos, Sales and Marketing, TV pilots

Post Production
Editing, Graphics, Animation, Audio Sweetening

Video Duplication
Finishing, Packaging, Distribution

Blu-Ray Authoring, Video on CD-ROM, DVD, Interactive CD, Interactive DVD

Web Sites
Development, Build Out, Graphics, Maintenance, E-Commerce, Streaming Web Video, Flash Web Video

Trade Shows
Audio/Visual Rental, Trade Show Mgt., Looped Videos, Booth Design, Trade Show Panels, Show Coordination, Shipping Logistics

Paste Up, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Meeting Solutions
Site Selection, Vendor Negotiation, Planning and Event Management

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In This Issue...

• New Service Offering: Rich Media Ads
• The Center MMA
• Twitter Feed
• Smart Phone Scanner
Client Feedback
Rich Media Ads

BMWImagination Unlimited was recently asked to produce rich media ads for CAE in support of their efforts at this year's Paris Air Show. The ads merged a video presentation with a flash version of a printed ad. These ads were displayed in the electronic version of Flightglobal's interactive magazine. It's easy to see how much more engaging these ads are when compared to a traditional print ad or even a static electronic ad. If you have a show coming up and you would like to produce a rich media ad for your business contact us and we'll show you the most effective way to engage your viewers. Click on the picture above to see these ads. Our ads for CAE appear in Day 1 on page 24 and Day 2 on page 13.
Click here for more information on Rich Media Ads
The Center Mixed Martial Arts

DDFor the past year Imagination Unlimited has been working on a series of Mixed Martial Arts training videos. These videos show world classs instructors and high profile athletes teaching their skills to the video audience. Some of these high profile instructors include: Matt Hughes, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Matt Mullins. So where can you see these training videos and take a class? The Center MMA has the exclusive rights to open their facilities inside participating WalMart stores around the country. To date 6 facilities have opened with many more on the schedule. So chances are good that The Center will be coming to your local WalMart very soon. When it does stop by and then drop us a line to let us know how you like the videos as well as the classes. Click on the image above to see samples of the videos.
Click here for more information on The Center MMA
Twitter Feed

KodiakYou can't really travel far without someone talking about Social Networking. Other than telling someone about the latest cat video on the web, how can you use it to grow your business. We're often asked by our clients how they can make changes to their websites when they have new information. Imagination Unlimited has come up with a way to use social networking to accomplish this for our web site clients. By using a Twitter Feed our clients can update their news section of their website immediately themselves. How does it work? We set up a Twitter feed on the front page of their site and the fed is updated with their latest Twitter information in real time. By utilizing this method our clients can update their web site even through their cell phone making their sites more timely and relevant. Take a look at how we're doing this for the organizers of the MT3 Conference by clicking the picture above.
Click here for more information on Twitter Feeds

Smart Phone Scanner

RRHave you seen these? If you haven't you certainly will in the coming months. This icon can be a very powerful tool for business just like yours. This icon can be scanned by your smart phone and it will take you directly to a web location that's programmed into it. So let's say you put one of these in your print ads or on your web site. Viewers can scan it and it will take them to your ecommerce site or even a video of your product or service. The potential uses are endless. Scan the icon above with your smart phone and see where you wind up.
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Client Feedback

The goal of this newsletter is to inform and educate our current and past clients. If you have a question or would like to know more about a specific topic please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll post an article in an upcoming newsletter.
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