Imagination Unlimited was formed in 1988 in support of a contract for the United States Navy. Since that time our award winning staff has produced thousands of video productions and marketing materials for corporate and government agencies around the globe. In the past we have worked for Fortune 100 companies such as: Lockheed Martin, Siemens, GE and FedEx developing cutting edge video productions and marketing collateral for use in trade shows and marketing of complex systems and services.


We have also produced materials for the US Army and the US Navy. In addition, we have developed video programs for start-up companies who need the experience of professional video producers to get their message across to their potential clients and venture capital investors.

Imagination Unlimited is the only company that specializes in the military Training and Simulation marketplace. Headquartered near the University of Central Florida’s Research Park, the nation’s center for Training and Simulation, uniquely positions us to support this high tech community.

Our knowledge of Simulation dates back to the early tank trainers and continues today on the latest Full Mission simulators and integrated schoolhouse products. Contact us today to see how we can bring our experience and expertise to bear on your next video production or marketing project.